Seasonal MACD Update: On Hold
By: Jeffrey A. Hirsch & Christopher Mistal
April 25, 2019
As of the today’s close, the slower moving MACD “Sell” indicators (at bottom of following charts) applied to DJIA and S&P 500 remain positive by the slimmest of margins. DJIA needs to advance 0.45% on Friday or S&P 500 needs to climb 0.24% on Friday to stave off our Seasonal MACD Sell signal. 
Continue to hold long positions associated with DJIA’s and S&P 500’s “Best Six Months.” We will issue our Seasonal MACD Sell signal when corresponding MACD Sell indicators applied to DJIA and S&P 500 both crossover and issue a sell signal.
[DJIA Daily Bar Chart]
[S&P 500 Daily Bar Chart]